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Palestinians Kill Observers,
Say Israel Did It

This one is particularly shameless. In March 2002 two international observers were shot to death near Hebron. Here is the account of the official Palestinian news agency:

HEBRON, MARCH 27, 2002, WAFA (Official Palestinian News Agency) - Two European observers from an international force in Hebron were shot and killed by the Israeli occupation troops, a Palestinian official spokesman said Tuesday.

The observers, serving in the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH), were driving on a bypass road near the city, when their car came under the fire of Israeli occupation troops stationed on two Palestinian buildings, the spokesman said in a Statement.

The two observers - from Turkey and Switzerland - were the first members of the force to be killed.

However, the eyewitness testimony of one member of the team of observers tells a very different story:

Turkish Capt. Huseyin Ozaslah Describes Palestinian Murder of His Comrades

Aaron Lerner, Date: 26 March 2002

Turkish Capt. Huseyin Ozaslah, a member of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) observers team attacked tonight, was interviewed on the telephone by Israel Radio on the way to the hospital in English.

The following is a transcript prepared by IMRA:

Ozalslah: There were three people and we were driving in an Opel Corsa. I was sitting in the back seat and one colleague was driving and one female colleague was sitting in the front seat and we were just getting out of Hebron. Then we heard some shooting towards our car. We were very fast - 90 kilometers per hour - and this Palestinian was just standing in the middle of this road.

Reporter: Could you see him?

Ozalslah: Yes. Yes. The lights were on and we saw him. He was in a PPF uniform, a Palestinian Police Force uniform. He was carrying a Kalashnikov and we shouted towards him that "we are from the TIPH - don't shoot at us." We could hardly stop the car. There were only 5 or 6 meters from the man and our car. And he didn't stop.

Reporter: You told him that you were from TIPH and he continued to shoot?

Ozalslah: Yes. We told him that we were from TIPH and he didn't care. He kept shooting towards us. My colleagues sitting in the front seat were shot dead. The driver's blood splashed on my face and I was also injured. He finished his magazine and he didn't check if all of us were dead or not and he escaped.

But I saw him. That he had a Palestinian police force uniform and was carrying a Kalashnikov and he finished his whole magazine - thirty bullets at least. He was about 30 years old.

As the IMRA commentator states, "If WAFA is willing to lie when they already know that there is proof positive that they are not telling the truth, one can only imagine how warped their reports are when there is no available alternative report."

The senseless violence of the Palestinians is bad enough without their denying it and attributing it to Israel.


Aaron Lerner. "Palestinian Barefaced Lie: "Two TIPH Observers Shot Dead by the Israeli Occupation Forces." Independent Media Review & Analysis, March 27, 2002.

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