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NOTE: While personal circumstances have prevented me from updating this site for a while now, especially after 10/7/2023 much of what I have written is as relevant today as when I first wrote it. It is very sad how little things change.

All items on this web site may be freely reproduced as long as a link to the original web page is included.


Mission Statement
What Is Zionism?
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Behind the Headlines

Naming the Darkness: Religious Roots of the Middle East Conflict - 8/26/11
Judenrein - 10/25/10
Mosque Hysteria: Turmoil at Ground Zero and Beyond - 8/30/10
Protesting the Mosque: A Stand for Tolerance - 8/14/10
Orwell in Gaza: Politics and Media Manipulation Decide Morality - 6/4/10
Israel, Organ-Harvesting, and Anti-Semitism - 1/6/10
What Israel Fights for in Gaza - 1/9/09
The Crisis in Gaza: A Response to the Jewish Left - 1/1/09
Israel Blamed for Palestinian Terrorism - 6/15/08
Is It the Occupation, or Islam? - 5/15/08
The Big Lie Endures - 5/11/08
Jimmy Carter: Angel of Peace? - 4/23/08
Seeds of Hate - 4/18/08
Palestinians Admit Using Human Shields - 3/15/08
The Myth of the Palestinian Underdog - 3/13/08
Lies That Kill - 3/4/08
Disproportionate Hypocrisy - 3/3/08
Enablers of Murder - 3/2/08
Apartheid Wall - in Egypt! - 1/27/08
Israel's Achilles Heel - 12/12/07
Annapolis: An Ominous Sign - 12/2/07
Teddy the Terrible - 12/1/07
Human Shields: Palestinians Exploit Their Own Schoolchildren - 11/16/07
Annapolis: Over Before It Begins? - 11/13/07
"Another Voice" Against OneVoice - 10/21/07
Voices Against OneVoice - 10/18/07
Exploiting the Myanmar Tragedy to Vilify Israel - 10/2/07
Collective Hypocrisy: Justifying Gaza's Rocket War - 9/20/07
To America with Love - 9/18/07
Who Is Practicing Apartheid? - 9/6/07
The Influence of Religion on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - 7/24/07
Sting Like Nahoul Bee - 7/20/07
Iran Cleans Up Its Act - 6/24/07
The Real Danger: Middle East and Beyond - 6/22/07
In the Name of Resistance - 5/25/07
The Real Apartheid - 5/25/07
Farfur: Our Domination Is Good for You - 5/18/07
A Good Word from the Left - 5/13/07
Farfur Mouse Club - 5/11/07
A Shard of Light - 5/9/07
A Sensible Solution to the Refugee Problem - 4/17/07
The Iraq War: A Jewish Plot? - 4/16/07
Peace Plan or Political Ploy? - 4/8/07
Resisting Occupation, or Resisting Peace? - 3/9/07
Holy Hypocrisy - 2/18/07
Palestinians Killing Each Other? Blame Israel! - 1/30/07
The Deadly Ceasefire - 12/25/06
Playing with Fire - 12/14/06
Saudi Apartheid Wall - 12/13/06
O Little Town of Bethlehem - 12/11/06
Palestinian Secret Weapon - 11/21/06
Tragedy in Beit Hanoun - 11/13/06
Hamas: The Nice Guys - 11/7/06
A Stain on Islam - 9/16/06
Guest Column: Israel Is Only for Starters - 9/5/06
Not Just a War Against the Jews - 9/3/06
A Lesson from Lebanon - 8/30/06
Human Rights Hypocrites - 8/29/06
SPECIAL REPORT: The Reversal of Morality - 8/24/06
Hezbollah Code of Ethics - 8/9/06
The Distortion of Morality in a World Gone Mad - 8/7/06
War of Images - 8/7/06
Joke of the Day - 8/3/06
Palestinian Racism - 8/1/06
The Big Lie - 7/31/06
Twisted Morality - 7/31/06
Hezbollah's Sense of Fairness - 7/28/06
A Different Kind of War - 7/27/06
Irresponsible Kofi - 7/27/06
Disproportionate Criticism - 7/25/06
Apple Pie and Terrorism - 7/25/06
Hezbollah Cowards - 7/25/06
Human Shields - 7/23/06
The Not-So-Hidden Danger - 7/22/06
Giving in to Fear: A Response to Richard Cohen - 7/19/06
Different Styles of Fighting - 7/18/06
The Arab Way of War - 7/17/06
More "Behind the Headlines"...

New Features

The Failure of Dialogue
The Palestinian Disinformation Campaign
On Jewish Israel-Haters
Facing the Global Jihad

General Articles

Beyond the "Cycle of Violence"
Jewish Self-Criticism and Anti-Semitism
The Root of Anti-Semitism
Is "Occupation" an Excuse for Terrorism?
Encounter with a Muslim Patient
The Case Against the Case Against War with Iraq
The Death of Rachel Corrie
The International Solidarity Movement: Champions of Peace?
Jewish Self-Blame vs. Arab Neo-Nazism
Presbyterian Prejudice

Special Features

What Must Be Done for Peace
Jews of Arab Lands
Hatred on the Campus
Anti-Zionism or Anti-Semitism?
The Palestinian "Resistance" Revealed

The Victims of Terror

Something Died at Metzer
Dangerous Children
Trouble in Paradise

The Story in Pictures

Jerusalem - Al Quds - Holy City of Islam
Arafat's Word
Where Have All the Children Gone?
You've Got to Be Taught
Where Terror Begins
The Forgotten Victim of Terror
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful
One from Hamas
For the Glory of Palestine
Truth in Photography
More Truth in Photography
Security Fence on Trial
Give Us Our Democracy!

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