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Hezbollah Code of Ethics

by Carlos

  1. Wait for the Israelis to withdraw behind their own border. Attack Israel across this border, which is internationally recognized. Then say you are "resisting an occupation."

  2. Fire warheads with body-piercing shrapnel into Israeli homes. Then accuse Israel of terrorism.

  3. Make northern Israel uninhabitable. Displace a million Israelis from their homes. Then accuse Israel of "responding disproportionately."

  4. Store rockets in homes, schools, hospitals, and mosques. Shoot rockets from the roofs of apartment buildings. Then when the people in those buildings get hurt, tell them you never meant it to happen and that you are protecting them.

  5. Launch a volley of rockets into one of Israel's largest cities, causing many deaths and injuries. Then call it a miraculous military victory, achieved by the help of God.

  6. Shoot a little girl's father to death in front of her. Then smash her head against a rock. Then boast that God is on your side.

August 9, 2006

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