Peace with Realism

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Hypocrisy Dept.
Calling All Hippo-Critters!

This section of the site will be devoted to exposing the hypocritical double standard by which Israel is judged, as well as other choice hypocritical tidbits of today's politics.

It is possible to find fault with Israel without being anti-Semitic. Every country is subject to criticism, and Israel is no exception. Israel certainly has no shortage of internal critics. As a democracy, Israel's people are free to express disapproval of their government, and many do exercise that right. The members of the Knesset themselves represent the full political spectrum. While in the Arab countries dissent is brutally suppressed, in Israel self-criticism speaks with a loud voice.

If Israelis are allowed to criticize Israel, then certainly others have the same freedom. However, there are many who condemn Israel for not living up to an idealistic standard to which they hold no one else. Even worse is the common tendency to overlook the atrocities committed against the Israeli people while taking Israel to task for trying to defend itself.

Any judgment against Israel based on a double standard is suspect. If one is truly interested in justice and peace, how can one defend using one yardstick for Arabs and another for Jews? These skewed judgments are far more common than is generally admitted, and the people who make them seem motivated by a disingenuous pragmatism if not an actual anti-Semitism.

It is time to expose the double standard and to challenge those who use it.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
Peace with Realism