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Saudi Apartheid Wall

by Carlos

December 13, 2006 - It looks like Israelis are not the only ones concerned about their security.

Saudi Arabia is moving forward with plans to build a fence to keep terrorists from crossing its border with Iraq. It is an ambitious project, complete with electronic sensors, and is expected to take five to six years to build.

Brigadier General Abdul-Karim Khalaf, spokesman for Iraq's interior ministry, supports the plan. This is what he said - yes, he really said this - these are his exact words:

"If the Saudis want to build border defences to stop the infiltration of terrorists, they can do that to protect their borders."

So when can we expect to hear from Jimmy Carter, the International Solidarity Movement, and B'Tselem about the "Saudi Apartheid Wall"? Is anybody home?

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates is building a similar fence along its border with Oman. And the United States is considering one for its border with Mexico.

Someone must put a stop to this global apartheid! Is the U.N. listening?


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